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Christmas offer on Waerloga Records

The Waerloga crew has an special Christmas offer from now and until 1 of January 2014. On every purchase you get a Za Frumi (the dark ambient masters) album for free! Waerloga Mailorder: Enjoy the holidays!

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Anton (OST), out now!

Examining the genres of classical, jazz fusion and ambient, brothers Daniel & Mikael is back with another great album. Containing 9 tracks exclusively composed to set the post-apocalyptic scene for Visual Cooks’ science fiction thriller Anton, the album combines the orchestral and experimental styles that the brothers has become known for, and that the audience […]

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Pre-order Anton (OST)

The upcoming album Anton is now available for pre-ordering! Just go here:

Dark Legacy

Dark Legacy signs with Black Vulture Records

Dark Legacy signs with the swedish independent metal label Black Vulture Records, with a roster of artists that include Gypse Chief Goliath, Concrete Icon and Master Charger. A release of the debut album Ad Extremum Epilogue is planned for sometime jan/feb 2014!


Korseld signs with Dikotomi Produktion

Metal band Korseld signs with the swedish independent label Dikotomi Produktion, with a roster of artists that include Dag Swanö, Dick Lundberg & Misstro, Erika Boman, Jesper med Vänner, Carl Silversporre & de gamla moderaterna. The band will release their debut fullenght album Jordevandring in the near future.

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V/A Nightmares and Dreamscapes out now!

Nightmares and Dreamscapes by Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg Fans of ambient, dark ambient, soundscape, electronic and soundtrack; Check out the new compilation “Nightmares and Dreamscapes” from Uncoiled Loops! “Nightmares and Dreamscapes” celebrates the coming Halloween season. Each track was expertly crafted to fill your October month with fright! Purchase Uncoiled Loops Bandcamp Amazon Spotify

Studio report Tjernberg Brothers

Studio report: Tjernberg Brothers

This summer ‘Tjernberg Brothers’ will enter the studio to start record their debut album Cosmic Connections. The album tells a thematic story set in outer space, where you’ll get acquainted with astronaut Mr. Miller, whose inside more and more threatens to split him as a person. It’s a story about loneliness, confusion and trying to […]


Anton update

The music Daniel and Mikael has written for the sci-fi film Anton will most likely also be released as an album. The film has been delayed. More information about the current progress is available at Visual Cooks’ homepage: