Dark Legacy

Dark Legacy, 2016


The history of Dark Legacy goes back to 1996. The band was formed in the little swedish village Örsundsbro under the name Rest In Peace. As a loudplaying heavy metal band they played covers of famous heavy metal acts. After about 100 conserts and some changes in the lineup, the band picked a new name and changed direction in 2005. Musically Dark Legacy went into darker territories and the sound can describes as symphonic death/black metal. From now the band solely composed their own material and in late 2012 they started to record the best songs of it’s 16 years long activity. 2013 the band signed with the swedish metal label Black Vulture for a release in 2014.

Daniel Tjernberg (2002 – present) – Vocals
Mikael Dagobert (1996 – present) – Keyboards
Daniel Reese (2007 – present) – Guitar
Gabriel Tjernberg (2015 – present) – Guitar
Jens Fredriksson (1999 – present) – Bass
Jonas Hoffman (1996 – present) – Drums

Session member:
Camilla Tjernberg (2018-) – Vocals

Former members:
Jens Lundin (1996 – 2007) – Guitars
Christian Larsson (1996 – 2007) – Keyboards
Magnus Mjöbäck (1996 – 1997) – Drums
Mikael Tjernberg – Recorder and vocals, live session (2008-2012)


The Rejects (2019)
The Rejects (Single, 2017)
Ad Extremum Epilogue (2014)

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External links:
Official site
Black Vulture Records

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