Album reviews: The Chronicle of the Black Monks

Written: 2018

It is not on a daily basis that I get to listen to such a variety of music–yes, music composed by artists from Sweden! But that’s the beauty of music–irrespective of the language you speak, you can always enjoy music, because it is a universal language and does not need knowledge of alphabet and grammar to feel it.

The album is a remastered version of the album of the same name that was used for a Swedish historical film, and therefore, you will notice that many tracks of the album have the element of being ‘soundtracks.’

As clear from the name itself, the music sounds medieval and belonging to altogether another era, but that’s the beauty of it because it is able to transport you to that era completely!

As a listener, you should be prepared that this is a very different kind of album because the very first two songs sound as soundtracks rather than the regular style that you might be accustomed to. They literally transport you to that era.

My favorite track of the album is ‘1040 AD,’ which has rhythm and subtle movements that make you dance in a childlike way.

‘The Journey’ is somber and soft while ‘Temple Halls’ is more like a marching song that helps elevate the spirits of troops and forces. It is subdued in its approach and not boisterous.

‘Sea Battle’ is the longest track of the album and showcases various moods–the changing faces and phases of the battle.

The album has an additional song ‘At Your Peril,’ which was not a part of the original album.

Overall, it is a very unique album if you like sacral and medieval music.

I wish Daniel and Mikael best of luck with their adventures and future compositions of music!

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Side-Line Magazine
Rating: 7/10
Written: 2019

ackground/Info: The Tjernberg brothers have already been active for years now. they played in different bands, but are mainly active composing jazz-inspired and cinematographic music. This album was originally written for a Swedish historical movie and has been now remastered featuring one bonus track.

Content: The opening cut sounds a bit as improvised neo-classic music, but the upcoming songs clearly reveal a styled and totally neo-classic approach. It also is the kind of music that is totally appropriated as a soundtrack composition. There are many instruments running through this work; from piano to clarinet to organ to epic chants, but still one song (cf. “The Journey” featuring tribal percussion parts. This work moves from drama parts into reverie passages.

+ + + : I’m not a huge fan of classical music, but some tracks of this work reminds me of George Gershwin for the piano and to Sergei Prokofiev for the drama. It’s first of all a real artistic composition. I like the few epic chants running through the work (cf. “Gerhard The Monk”) and the previously mentioned tribal element.

– – – : The opening piece is not my favorite one for being more chaotic and improvised while the extra cut added to this remastered edit sounds totally different and more dark-ambient like. It’s a cool piece, but not really matching with the tracklist.

Conclusion: If you’re into neo-classic and soundtrack music you definitely gone like this opus.

Best songs: “The Journey”, “Sea Battle”.

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Rating: 4.5/5
Written: 2012

Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg has outdone themselves really with this fine release from Waerloga Records. It’s the 19th release for the label and this one might not be a bestseller but it’s a rellay good album that deserves some credit.

Chronicle of the Black Monks is a soundtrack for a Swedish historical movie but could be listened to on it’s own for sure. If you follow the link to the artist page above you can here a great medley with the songs of the album.

The sound of this album is great and I am not surprised to learn that the brilliant Simon Kölle (film composer, Za Frumi, Musterion, Abnocto, etc.) has done the master. The album is the best so far from the Tjernberg brothers. You should really check this one out.

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