V/A Elements vol. 4: Water, out now

V/A Elements vol. 4: Water is out now with an old soundtrack sounding and experimental song by yours truly on it called “Tides”.

Water is part four of a five part compilation series on the occult Elements from Venus Aeon Records and combines the sounds of Witch House, Electronica, Trance, Industrial, Neo-Classical, Neo-Medieval, and other experimental music elements to summon the element of Water.

Culture Scholarship (Lions Club)

Photo: Monica Andreasson | Lagunda parish youth scholarship recipient Felicia Brofall, Lions youth leader scholarship recipient Karin Jerpdal, Lions youth scholarship recipient Leo Lewenhagen and culture scholarship recipient Daniel Tjernberg.

Today Daniel recieved a culture scholarship handed over from Lions Clubs International. In the statement; for his works both in music and artist’s areas.

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