Studio report

The Tjernberg brothers are still working feverishly with their third full length album, Codex Dei Soundtrack [working title]. The music is inspired and directly derived from the script and screenplay of the to-be-released adventure movie Svartmunkarnas krönika (The Chronicles of the Black Monks).

In the meantime, we’ll provide you with an updated tracklist for the album:

    Codex Dei
    Gerhard the Monk
    1040 AD
    The Journey
    Temple Hall
    Sea Battle
    The Ancient Book
    Codex Dei [for piano]

If all goes as planned, the album will enter its post production phase this fall.

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En ny platta med bröderna Tjernberg – det ser jag väldigt mycket fram emot! Meant for great things spelas flitigt här hemma!

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