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Maxi single “Death of a King”, out now!

The single holds two pieces of Western art music penned by the Swedish brothers, intimately rendered by renowned string ensemble Malva Quartet [Malvakvartetten]. The title track, bearing clear marks of Romanticism and the likes of past masters such as Mussorgsky and Elgar, has the bow-strokes cry out in matters of loss and mourning, albeit with an insinuation […]

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Album review: “Anton” (OST)

“…equal parts ambience, experimental jazz, and modern classical, all melded together into something both brilliant and frightening at the same time.” Another review of Anton was published recently on Heathen Harvest!


More album reviews for Anton (OST)

Two more reviews for the Anton album has reached us. One is from Italian Darkroom Magazine and the other from UK based Black Audio. Read them here: Album reviews: Anton (OST) …a classically bombastic, accompanying CD.