Studio report, winter 2016

Now that we are at the end of the year 2016 and looking forward, a lot is waiting from Goatman Studios! The long pauses of updates here on the website etc means nothing but hard work creating new music. We’re writing material for several new works. No less than three/four albums are taking shape: “Atlantis”;…… Continue reading Studio report, winter 2016

Tjernberg Brothers: Tracklist and cover announcement

Already has nine songs been selected to the final cut of Tjernberg Brothers debut album; Cosmic Connections. We have decided to add yet another track, so a total of 10 songs now lies ready! The recordings has went on ongoing and we are on track with the album and soon you’ll hear a teaser from…… Continue reading Tjernberg Brothers: Tracklist and cover announcement

Studio report: Tjernberg Brothers

A total of nine songs has been chosen for the final cut of what is to be the debut album of Tjernberg Brothers – Cosmic Connections. The work is making steady progress, with the guitars, bass and some vocoder for four of the tracks having just been laid down. Within soon, we will make sure…… Continue reading Studio report: Tjernberg Brothers

Studio report: Tjernberg Brothers

This summer ‘Tjernberg Brothers’ will enter the studio to start record their debut album Cosmic Connections. The album tells a thematic story set in outer space, where you’ll get acquainted with astronaut Mr. Miller, whose inside more and more threatens to split him as a person. It’s a story about loneliness, confusion and trying to…… Continue reading Studio report: Tjernberg Brothers