Writing for the movies

We will do the music for the upcoming drama short film “Supermaja” (in swe), by Skornja Film. Right now we are busy composing the main theme. Then we will make the entire film score. Shooting is scheduled for late summer.

Keep your eyes on the news section for updates and more information about Supermaja.

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Skornja Film

V/A Subterranean Passages, out now!


“Subterranean Passages” is a unique collection of dark ambient in two volumes.

Our track “Abysmal”, appearing on the second volym, is also licensed for an upcoming horror film. More info regarding that later.

Thanks goes out to our friend Jonathan Grönlund, who plays the harp and Rob and TG at the record labels.

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Available digital


Waerloga Records have chosen to take the label to a new level and introduce it in the digital market. In doing so, they are also launching a brand new website – WAERLOGA 3.0!

Almost all Waerloga Records releases will from now on be available on BandCamp, and that includes four of our albums!

Head over to: www.waerloga.com

Writing for the movies

Jonathan Gronlund

We have written a song for placement in an upcoming horror movie called “Abysmal”. It’s an eerie atmospheric piece performed by ourselves and harpist Jonathan Grönlund. The recording and the final details are done right now!