V/A Elements vol 2: Air, out now!


“V/A Element vol. 2: Air” is now officially released via Venus Aeon Records! Listen to our latest song “Thundergod” featuring UK artist Tor Marrock on vocals.

Also lots of thanks and creds to Jonas Hoffman on drums, Gabriel Tjernberg on guitar and TG and the crew at the label.

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Tjernberg Brothers: Tracklist and cover announcement


Already has nine songs been selected to the final cut of Tjernberg Brothers debut album; Cosmic Connections. We have decided to add yet another track, so a total of 10 songs now lies ready!

The recordings has went on ongoing and we are on track with the album and soon you’ll hear a teaser from it!

We are also currently looking for a record company of interest.

13 Steps
Cosmic Connections
Constant and the Variable
Returning Home
The Window
Shuttle Transmission
Drifting Through Space

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Writing for the movies

We will do the music for the upcoming drama short film “Supermaja” (in swe), by Skornja Film. Right now we are busy composing the main theme. Then we will make the entire film score. Shooting is scheduled for late summer.

Keep your eyes on the news section for updates and more information about Supermaja.

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