Daniel and Mikael started to write music together at an early age. The music soon became distinguished in its style, with the brothers blending different musical genres, such as orchestral classical, jazz and ambient, and making them interact in a musical context with a very personal musical mark. They became recording artists, writing for album releases as well as for film/TV and other medias.

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Recording with Malva Quartet

We soon team up with Swedish Malvakvartetten/Malva Quartet to record "Minuet in G Major", for the upcoming album "Atlantis", to…

World premiere

L'EStro Armonico String Orchestra will preform the world premiere of our piece "Death of a King" October 28th on a…

New signing

We're delighted to announce that we've signed a record deal with Italian label Blue Spiral Records for a release of…

V/A Elements vol. 3: Fire

Elements Vol. 3 - Fire by Daniel and Mikael Tjernberg V/A Elements Vol. 3: Fire is available for pre-order now.…

Upcoming live event

Senior division of Australia based L'Estro Armonico String Orchestra will perform the world premiere of two of our scores this…

New signing

We're happy to announce that we've signed a deal with US based independent label Venus Aeon for two upcoming EP…

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Examining the genres of classical,
jazz fusion and ambient



TBA 2018
Flight of the Raven
Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg | Venus Aeon Records

Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg | Waerloga Records

The Chronicle of the Black Monks
Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg | Waerloga Records

Elements vol. 3: Fire
V/A (Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg) | Venus Aeon Records

Elements vol. 2: Air
V/A (Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg) | Venus Aeon Records

Subterranean Passages
V/A (Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg) | Venus Aeon Records/Uncoiled Loops

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