Album reviews: Korseld – Jordevandring (2014)

Rating: 8/10

What happens when musicians try to break the unwritten rules and explore the possibilities of music beyond the confines? It not only creates new fan base, but also may bring in lot of backlash for the musicians. In a world of Death Doom, where songs shorten than 7 minutes are considered Blasphemy, the boys from KORSELD who have formed this band after DARK LEGACY, try to bend the rules and even try to sound convincing with their songs clocking around average of 3-4 minutes and the longest just below 7 minutes. So the band took me by surprise even before I finished listening to the 1st song. Through the crying guitar riffs of Daniel Reese and equally beautiful Keyboards solos by Daniel Tjenberg, the music moans all throughout the album, there is a distinct absence of long thick guitar riffs that are so often seen in the world of Death / Doom.

With the rhythmic drums in the background, the music chugs along with as the growling vocals of Daniel Tjenberg (who also handles the Keyboards) which add life to the music like in most albums in the genre. While the song names and lyrics are in Swedish language, the music as a whole as mentioned above is slightly faster for a normal Doom band and also incorporates slight Drone elements in it. One of most interesting elements that I find of KORSELD is that, unlike most Doom bands, the music here is actually catchy, not too much though, but it’s mainly created due to its free flowing faster song composition compared to a traditional Death / Doom band as mentioned earlier, even with maintaining its Doom elements in its music. The work on Keyboards by Daniel Tjenberg is one of the highlights of the album and brings in a new flavor and variety into the music, sometimes going solo with no guitars in the background in songs like “Eldstrid” (which has to be one of my favourite songs from the album), not commonly heard in this genre. The bass is spread all over the album sparing the acoustic parts, but does nothing noteworthy. The band bring out their best efforts in the longest song of the album “Dagen Da Kriget Kom”, as it brings out thick chugging head banging riffage for nearly 7 minutes and all that without any vocals, giving the instruments more air to breathe and express themselves, reminding you of the classic doom that brought you into this genre in the first place and quite easily becomes my favourite track from this 39 minutes album. “Jordevandring” coming out from Dikotomi Productions, is full of signature riffs and doesn’t sound monotonous, which is highly commendable for a band bringing out their debut album from the land of Örsundsbro, Sweden.

While the production is of a moderate standard, the music gives me a mixed feeling, as much as I am happy that it’s breaking new grounds and being innovative, I’m not totally convinced by the shorter songs in the album and also find it hard to articulate what the lyrics are about as they are in Swedish. While this is not a bad album by any means, it’s not the best that I have heard in this genre and is also nothing ground breaking even with the acoustic elements involved along with keyboards.

By V. Srikar
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Forever Slain Zine

Korseld are a death/doom metal band from Sweden and “Jordevandring” is their debut full-length album that was released in 2014.

Sweden has been a capital of extreme metal for as long as I have been involved in this music. The country is known for its quality bands and releases and Korseld are no exception. When listening to “Jordevandring” don’t expect the more typical style of slower death/doom metal, because Korseld doesn’t have such restrictions. The tempo can get slow at times (like on “Dagen då kriget kom”) but it is often mid-paced or a bit faster even. This will be an off-handed comparison but the moody atmosphere of this album reminds me more of Swedish melodic death metal band Miscreant rather than early Anathema and such.

Although “Jordevandring” may not be your typical slow and churning death/doom metal album and Korseld demonstrate a more varied approach to the genre; the emotion is still there and can be felt throughout the album. Take the track “Gryningstid” for an example. Another example can be found on “Dagen då kriget kom”, which is another instrumental. That’s when the slower, more tender moments can be found. “Skyttegravens mörker” is an interesting track. The vocals and approach remind me of Paradise Lost’s “Shattered” in the beginning. The album closes out strong with the title track “Jordevandring” which has an “In Requiem” era style Paradise Lost feel to it, only with much more heavier vocals.

Korseld is for those who are looking for some variation and less boundaries in their death/doom metal. “Jordevandring” is a tasteful and somewhat eclectic album sure to please fans of the genre.

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Crossfire Metal
Rating: 7.5/10

Bei Korseld handelt es sich um einen doomigen Ableger von den Symphonic Death Metallern Dark Legacy aus Örsundsbro. Sie haben etwas die Traurigkeit von Paradise Lost, erzeugt durch „Shades Of God“-Riffs und leichtem Hang zur Disharmonie. Hallige, nicht zu kräftige Growls wie Anfang der Neunziger sprechen ebenfalls diese Sprache. Apropos Sprache, die neun Tracks von „Jordevandring“ sind komplett auf Schwedisch, das kommt im Doom nicht so oft vor. “Dagen Da Kriget Kom” ist mit seinen sieben Minuten das längste Stück auf dieser Platte. Darin fällt eine Violine auf, dass noch der Vergleich zu My Dying Bride auftaucht. Kratzende Gitarren unterstreichen die Oldschool Komponente, die zusammen mit distanzierten Glockenschlägen die Scheibe nie zu füllig wirken lassen. Trotz aller Querverweise auf diesem Album der Schweden gehen sie schon ihren eigenen Weg. Nur was noch viel wichtiger ist, sei abschließend noch angemerkt, dass sie ein amtliches Album gemacht haben.

In Korseld is a doomy offshoot of the symphonic death metallers Dark Legacy of Örsundsbro. You have something the sadness of Paradise Lost, produced by “Shades Of God” riffs and a slight tendency to disharmony. Reverberant, not too strong growls as the early nineties also speak this language. Speaking of language, which are nine tracks from “Jordevandring” completely in Swedish, which occurs less frequently in Doom before. “Dagen dÃ¥ kriget kom” with its seven minutes, the longest track on this record. It falls on a violin that still shows up the comparison to My Dying Bride. Scratching guitars underscore the Oldschool component that enhances the never bouffant together with distant chimes the disc. Despite all the cross-references to this album of Sweden they go have their own way. Just what is even more important, it should finally be noted that they have made ​​an official album.

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Doomed to Darkness
Rating: 8/10

Korseld are a band from Sweden that plays an atmospheric mixture of doom and death metal and this is a review of their self released 2014 album “Jordevandring”.

A dark and symphonic sound starts off the album before going into a more heavy and melodic direction along with some death metal growls and blast beats and after awhile solos and leads become a part of the music.

As the album progresses more melodic doom metal elements are added into the recording and the band slows down a bit on the other tracks and the music is heavily rooted in the early 90’s doom/death metal sound and on some of the tracks you can hear a small amount of clean singing being utilized along with powerful sounding bass lines, on some of the later tracks keyboards make a return to the album along with a small amount of violins which also bring a classical feeling to some of the tracks while the music mostly sticks to a very heavy, dark and atmospheric direction.

Korseld have a sound on this album that could easily be mistaken for an early 90’s doom/death metal record and a very great quality sounding on at that, along with a very professional sounding production and lyrics that are written in Swedish and cover dark and depressive themes.

In my opinion Korseld are a very great sounding atmospheric doom/death metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this recording. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE “Mote Med Doden” “Dagen Da Kriget Kom” “Gryningstid” and “Jordevandring”.

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Skrutt Magazine
Rating: 7/10

2 x Daniel här på denna skiva som spelar gitarr, keyboard och sjunger. Dick Lundberg är med på lite bakgrundssång i De sista att falla och det är inga uppåt låttitlar de har; Möte Med döden, Bombräd, Dagen då kriget kom etc. Det är musik som är mycket annorlunda måste jag säga. På samma gång som det är väldigt rått så är det vackert på något sätt men ni som inte är vana med deathmetal, grind etc kanske har svårt att förstå den här typen av musik. Sång som nästan growlas fram tillsammans med mycket melodisk musik och det är fantastiskt att två personer kan få fram den här typen av musik. Det är tungt, ibland snabbt och framförallt känns det väldigt eget utan att på något sätt låta konstigt.

2 x Daniel here on this disc that plays guitar, keyboards and sings. Dick Lundberg is on some background vocals in De Sista att Falla and that there is no upward song titles they have… Möte med Döden [Meeting With death], Bombräd [Bombraid], Dagen då Kriget Kom [The Day the War Came], etc…. It is music that is very different, I must say. At the same time it’s very raw as it is beautiful in some way but you who are not familiar with death metal, grind etc might have trouble understanding this type of music. Song that almost growls developed with very melodious music and it’s amazing that two people can produce this kind of music. It’s heavy, sometimes quickly, and above all, it feels very own, without in any way sound strange…

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