Anton (Remastered), out now

A rereleased and remastered version of “Anton” is released to digital outlets and streaming media today, jan 1st, 2019. The album collects nine songs examining the genres of classical, jazz fusion and ambient. Originally composed to set the post-apocalyptic scene for Visual Cooks’ science fiction thriller feature film and released on Wearloga Records back in 2013 as lim. ed. Digipak CD.

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V/A Elements vol. 4: Water, out now

V/A Elements vol. 4: Water is out now with an old soundtrack sounding and experimental song by yours truly on it called “Tides”.

Water is part four of a five part compilation series on the occult Elements from Venus Aeon Records and combines the sounds of Witch House, Electronica, Trance, Industrial, Neo-Classical, Neo-Medieval, and other experimental music elements to summon the element of Water.

Culture Scholarship (Lions Club)

Photo: Monica Andreasson | Lagunda parish youth scholarship recipient Felicia Brofall, Lions youth leader scholarship recipient Karin Jerpdal, Lions youth scholarship recipient Leo Lewenhagen and culture scholarship recipient Daniel Tjernberg.

Today Daniel recieved a culture scholarship handed over from Lions Clubs International. In the statement; for his works both in music and artist’s areas.

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