Interviewed by Meet the Artist

Some time ago we were interviewed by Meet the Artist in an interview about our musical background among many other things. The interview is now published online on their website and can be read in its entirety via the link below. Meet the Artist is a relatively new interview project filled with interesting reading, so be sure to look through the page.

Read the whole interview here:

Recording with Malva Quartet, part 2

Today we once again team up with Swedish Malva Quartet [Malvakvartetten] to record another song. 2017 we collaborated with the Quartet most recently, when they recorded Ad Interim (Minuet in G major) – a recording that’ll be included on the upcoming album “Atlantis” on Blue Spiral Records. This time around the quartet is reinforced with Eric Nilsson on bass. Eric is also the recording director for the recording. More information will eventually come.

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2018 Round-up

The year has passed pretty fast! When looking back, we are delighted to have released the EP “Flight of the Raven” plus the remastered version of “The Chronicle of the Black Monks”. Two culture scholarships came in our way, we made a nice interview for Music Muslings and Such and begun a couple of exciting collaborations for the coming year.

Next up for the coming year is a remastered version of “Anton”, to be released January 1st on all digital platforms for the first time. Upcoming album “Atlantis” will be released within a not too long time as CD and Digital on Blue Spiral Records. And the final part of the Norse inspired EPs on the Venus Aeon label is also still in production. To mention some of what lies ahead.

A big thank you to everyone who listened and purchased our music. Your support means a lot! 2019 will be great!

Chart position

“The Chronicle of the Black Monks” (Remastered) has just entered the One World Music Radio chart as a new entry. The new World Top 100 Chart Show is to air today, Tuesday 27th November at 8pm UK, 3pm EST, and will be available to listen to as a podcast after it has aired at on the chart show page.

If you would like to listen to the chart on the live play, go to:

Or via the app:

Interviewed by Music Musings and Such

Daniel and Mikael Tjernberg

We’ve been interviewed by UK zine Music Musings and Such about our new EP, Flight of the Raven, and what themes/ideas inspired it. Among other things, we discussed how we got started in music and which artists/genres inspire us; whether we have plans for the year ahead and which albums are important. Read the interview in its entirety via the link below.

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