Summer sale

The first summer campaign has started. All these albums costs only 9 EUR each!:

Za Frumi – Legends act 1
Za Frumi – Legends act 2 – Vampires
Za Frumi – Legends act 3 – Cults
Za Frumi – Legends act 4 – Orders
Za Frumi – Shrak ishi za migul – Chapter 3
Abnocto – Simon Magus
Encryption – Nosferamor
Lost Kingdom – As the New Dawn Awakes
Lost Kingdom – Meant for Great Things
Anabasis/Gargrim the Liar – Two Worlds (2 CD)
Aardia – Conquest of the Ancient Halls
Radio Rivendell Compilation Volume 2 – The Book of War
Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg – The Chronicle of the Black Monks (Soundtrack)
Simon Kölle – Res dej inte! (Stay Down) (Soundtrack)

Spring report 2012

The Tjernberg brothers are currently working on and assembling musical ideas. The early spring has proven to be an inspirational and creative period, as reports suggests there already is enough material to fill another full-length Lost Kingdom album, and this only being the tip of the iceberg. In regard to the Lost Kingdom material, “the sound and musical style will be superior to anything we’ve done so far”, says Daniel. One of the first new LK-pieces that has surfaced is a long, epic piece with the working title Flight of the Raven; a demo of which you will hopefully will get to hear in a not too distant future.

The second major project for the time being is the musical sci-fi/space odyssey under the working title of Cosmic Connections. Here you should expect a jazz/fusion oriented approach, but with appreciable elements of progressive rock, folk and ambient. At the time being, there are about a dozen song ideas being worked on. Again, a demo or sample of this material – so you’ll get an idea of the project’s nature and orientation – will hopefully reach you soon.

Short film again in post production

Swedish actor Per Ragnar in action in the short film Svartmunkarnas Krönika
Swedish actor Per Ragnar in action in the short film Svartmunkarnas Krönika

After a few weeks standstill, the post production for the short film Svartmunkarnas Krönika (The Chronicle of the Black Monks), featuring music by the Tjernberg brothers, is again under way. As posted earlier, this is the very same music that has just now been released under the Waerloga Records label. If you would be intrested in this album, you can order it today from

The latest estimate for when post production of the short film will be finished is spring of 2012. We’ll make sure to pass on more about the project as soon as the details are revealed.

A review of Black Monks (OST)


Chain DLK gives the new album the Chronicle of the Black Monks 4,5 of 5 stars!

Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg has outdone themselves really with this fine release from Waerloga Records. It’s the 19th release for the label and this one might not be a bestseller but it’s a really good album that deserves some credit.

Chronicle of the Black Monks is a soundtrack for a Swedish historical movie but could be listened to on it’s own for sure. If you follow the link to the artist page above you can here a great medley with the songs of the album.

The sound of this album is great and I am not surprised to learn that the brilliant Simon Kölle (film composer, Za Frumi, Musterion, Abnocto, etc.) has done the master. The album is the best so far from the Tjernberg brothers. You should really check this one out.

Review by: Ivan Racheck for Chain DLK

Original source:

New album in final stages!

The Tjernberg brothers latest album, The Chronicle of the Black Monks, is right now being mastered by Simon Kölle, the man behind bands such as Za Frumi and Musterion (and more), and will be released very early 2012!

“Musically this album can be seen as a natural progression from our previous albums”, says Mikael.

The actual release date of the album is yet to be announced.

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