New album in final stages!

The Tjernberg brothers latest album, The Chronicle of the Black Monks, is right now being mastered by Simon Kölle, the man behind bands such as Za Frumi and Musterion (and more), and will be released very early 2012!

“Musically this album can be seen as a natural progression from our previous albums”, says Mikael.

The actual release date of the album is yet to be announced.

Fall Report 2011

Scheduled for a release in early 2012, the work with our upcoming album, the original motion picture soundtrack of The Chronicle of the Black Monks, is getting more intense. The album will hold a total of eight, previously unreleased orchestral works, ranging in style from sacral and profane renaissance to musically more developed and modern genres, although with a mutual atmospheric abutment in the era in which the short film takes place.

In the meantime, the post production of the short film itself is in full swing. We will make sure to keep you updated on the progress of this.

The Chronicle of the Black Monks

Malin Hällstrand & Isaac Warnstad before the first shots of the Chronicle of the Black Monks, 13 / 6 2011

The short film/featurette Svartmunkarnas krönika (The Chronicle of the Black Monks) has finally entered post production. Meanwhile, producer Leif Malm has opened a website for the project at (in Swedish), where news about the project and its progression can be found.
A release window has been set for Q4 2011, with a trailer currently being produced and hopefully released in the coming weeks.

footnote: Svartmunkarnas krönika (The Chronicle of the Black Monks) is a Swedish adventure Featurette (runtime: 28 mins)

Studio report

The Tjernberg brothers are still working feverishly with their third full length album, Codex Dei Soundtrack [working title]. The music is inspired and directly derived from the script and screenplay of the to-be-released adventure movie Svartmunkarnas krönika (The Chronicles of the Black Monks).

In the meantime, we’ll provide you with an updated tracklist for the album:

    Codex Dei
    Gerhard the Monk
    1040 AD
    The Journey
    Temple Hall
    Sea Battle
    The Ancient Book
    Codex Dei [for piano]

If all goes as planned, the album will enter its post production phase this fall.

Black Monks update

A 30 minute dramatization of Svartmunkarnas krönika – Codex Dei (The Chronicle of the Black Monks) is scheduled to be filmed in June. The cast list includes, among others, Swedish actor Per Ragnar (IMDB) and Kim Anderzon (IMDB).

The musical foundation is already composed, but the nearest future holds hard work in getting all the details right and putting it together as a whole.

Black Monks tracklist

We can finally announce the tracklist for the upcoming full lenght album The Chronicle of the Black Monks. The album will hold a total of 10 all new tracks, centered around a story written by film producer Leif Malm.

Codex Dei
Gerhard the Monk
1040 AD
The Journey
NN (Theme with Variations)
Temple Halls
Sea Battle
The 4 Witches
The Ancient Book
Codex Dei [pno version]

The Tjernberg brothers are currently working hard polishing the material and putting it together. More details about the project will be posted as soon as they emerge.

Spring report 2011

Still promoting the release of Meant for Great Things, we are writing material for several new projects. No less than three albums are taking shape:

– A third Lost Kingdom album. Expect an album filled with orchestral music.
– The Codex Dei Soundtrack (working title). Original music for movie project Codex Dei.
– Cosmic Connections – A whole new project in the genre of jazz/fusion (details to be revealed in a near future).

In the meantime, the musical cooperation with Johannes Edvardsson, who wrote the song Omnious Dawn for the latest Lost Kingdom album Meant for Great Things, continues. Edvardsson is currently working on several ideas, which we guarantee will be something very special.

Finally, we are happy to anounce yet another project: we are currently writing music for movie project Militia Christi. A short pilot/teaser starring Swedish actor Björn Starrin (Smala Sussie, Bröllopsfotografen) has already seen the light of day, and a 40 minute dramatized episode has been scheduled to be shot in 2011. Stay tuned for updates.

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