(Easier with a) Song

Maxi-single (Digital/CD/Vinyl 7″), 4 Tracks
Release date: TBA 2024
Label: Tjernberg Music
Cat. no.: TMP-003

1. (Easier with a) Song
2. (Easier with a) Song (Instrumental)
3. (Easier with a) Song (hEADaCHE Mix)
4. (Easier with a) Song (Radio Edit)

In 2016 we started sketching the first chords to what would become the pop song (Easier with a) Song. Initially, it was intended that the song would be a contribution to an international music contest, but it all fell apart, partly due to our reluctance to compete in music. The song was now extended in length, from the 3 minute limitation found in the previously mentioned competition, when a bridge was added. We soon found the most suitable singer to perform the song in Stockholm’s Astrid Mellgren (aka Bastie Lynx). Mastered in the States by Rob Schubert (Easier with a) Song is now ready to be released to the masses!

Additional Information
Written by Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg
Engineered by Mikael Tjernberg
Mastered by Rob Schubert
Produced and performed by Tjernberg Brothers
Lead vocals by Astrid Mellgren
Cover artwork by Daniel Tjernberg


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