(Easier with a) Song

Maxi-single (Vinyl 7″, CD, Digital), 4 Tracks
Release date: 29/6 2024
Label: Tjernberg Music
Cat. no.: TMP-003

1. (Easier with a) Song
2. (Easier with a) Song (Instrumental)
3. (Easier with a) Song (hEADaCHE Mix)
4. (Easier with a) Song (Radio Edit)

In 2016 we started to sketch on what was to become the pop song (Easier with a) Song. Initially, it was intended as a contribution to an international music contest, but—in large due to a reluctance to compete in music—that plan soon was forsaken. With the addition of a bridge, the song was now extended beyond the three minute limitation required by the aforementioned competion. We found the perfect singer to perform the song in Stockholm’s Astrid Mellgren (Bastie Lynx). Mastered in the US by Rob Schubert, (Easier with a) Song is finally ready to be released on June 29, 2024.

Additional Information
Written by Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg
Engineered by Mikael Tjernberg
Mastered by Rob Schubert
Produced and performed by
Tjernberg Brothers
Lead vocals by Astrid Mellgren
Cover artwork by Daniel Tjernberg



The Tjernberg Brothers deliver a deeply emotive piece that resonates with anyone who has experienced the ache of unspoken words and the healing potential of music.

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