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Studio report, winter 2016

Now that we are at the end of the year 2016 and looking forward, a lot is waiting from Goatman Studios! The long pauses of updates here on the website etc means nothing but hard work creating new music. We’re writing material for several new works. No less than three/four albums are taking shape: “Atlantis”; […]

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Album review: “Anton” (OST)

“…equal parts ambience, experimental jazz, and modern classical, all melded together into something both brilliant and frightening at the same time.” Another review of Anton was published recently on Heathen Harvest!


Anton update

The music Daniel and Mikael has written for the sci-fi film Anton will most likely also be released as an album. The film has been delayed. More information about the current progress is available at Visual Cooks’ homepage:

Film Media Music video

Album promo video

A promo video for the upcoming soundtrack album, based upon the sci-fi/thriller short film Anton by Visual Cooks.