Dark Legacy – The Rejects

Full-length album (Digipak CD/Digital), 8 Tracks
Release date: 2019-03-29
Label: Black Vulture Records

1. Martii Grandiosa
2. Land of Sorrow
3. Earthquake
4. The Challenge
5. The Witch
6. Metal Warrior
7. The Rejects
8. Zadkiel

After their debut album -“Ad Extremum Epilogue”, Dark Legacy released a first, digital single with the new title track “The Rejects” and now the full length album is ready for a release! ”The Rejects” have 8 tracks and the band are mixing their musical influences from acts like Edge of Sanity, My Dying Bride and Opeth, as well as classical composers. A journey within songs from genres of death/doom/black to heavy metal and vocally it’s growling mixed with clean singing.

Additional Information
All music by M. Dagobert exept “Martii Gandiosa” by G.Tjernberg and D. Tjernberg
Lyrics by M. Dagobert and D. Tjernberg
Mastered by: Dan Swanö/Unisound Studio in 2019
Artwork by: Sergey Samarskij

Daniel Tjernberg – Vocals and ad. keys
Mikael Dagobert – Keyboards
Gabriel Tjernberg – Guitar
Daniel Reese – Guitar
Jens Frediksson – Bass
Jonas Hoffman – Drums

Additional musicians:
Camilla Tjernberg – Vocals


“A one-off representation of diversity, which truly pushes and defies the perceived boundaries of melo-death”. /Jenny Tate, Rock Queen Reviews

Rock Queen Reviews 9/10
Battle Helm Magazine – 4/5
Blackened Death Metal Zine – 8/10
Metal Observer – 7/10
Allyson Kingsley/Metal Coffee

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