Death of a King

Maxi single (Gratefold CD/Digital), 2 Tracks
Releasedate: January 31st 2020
Label: Not on label (Tjernberg Music)
Cat. no.: TM001P

1. Death of a King
2. Ad Interim (Minuet in G Major)

— Following the release of their compilation album Selected Early Works (Blue Spiral Records, 2019), this January will see the release of a limited edition maxi-single. Highlighting their unmistakable musical tone-language, the single will hold two pieces of Western art music penned by the Swedish brothers, intimately rendered by renowned string ensemble Malva Quartet [Malvakvartetten]. The title track, bearing clear marks of Romanticism and the likes of past masters such as Mussorgsky and Elgar, has the bow-strokes cry out in matters of loss and mourning, albeit with an insinuation of acceptance and gratitude. The accompanying track, Ad Interim, is a traditionally composed minuet, offering a calm backdrop for reflections while concurrently acting as appropriate aftermath for the drama of the title track.

Additional Information
All music written and produced by Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg.
Dedicated to Sven Tjernberg
Performed by Malva Quartet (Malvakvartetten)
Mixed by Mikael Tjernberg
Mastered by Rob Schubert
Artwork by Lars Krantz
Design by Daniel Tjernberg

Death of a King 
Performed by Malva Quartet, 2019
Linnea Hällqvist – violin
Knapp Brita Pettersson – violin
Maria Jonsson – viola
Maja Molander – violoncello
Add. musician: Eric Nilsson – Bass
Engineered by Eric Nilsson

Ad Interim (Minuet in G Major) 
Performed by Malva Quartet, 2019
Linnea Hällqvist – violin
Knapp Brita Pettersson – violin
Maria Jonsson – viola
Natalia Goldmann – violoncello
Engeneered by Sofia Hallgren at Red Pipe Studios


The pure string-based ‘Death of a King’ is something very special in the field of classical music. /Gezeitenstrom Magazin

It’s nicely presented in a smart gatefold sleeve with artwork that seems purpose-made to retrospectively drop these pieces into classical music history. /Stuart Bruce, Chain DLK

Gezeitenstrom Magazin
Chain DLK

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