Blutfeld – Kingdom of Mine

EP album (CD/Digital), 6 Tracks
Releasedate: April 20th 2019 (Digital)/January 23rd 2020 (CD)
Label: Heathen Tribes Records
Cat. no.: TBA

1. Fanfare (Instr.)
2. Natural Born Leader
3. New Dawn
4. Ritual (Instr.)
5. Victory or Defeat
6. Kingdom of Mine

From the dense forests of Sweden comes Blutfeld. “Kingdom of Mine” is their debuting release and with their peculiar sound Blutfeld weave together melodic death metal with more atmospheric elements, creating an epic experience. With menacing riffs, symphonic keyboards, pressing drumming and unearthly vocals the listener is guided around between battlefields, wizards and barbarians. For fans of melodic death metal, Amon Amarth, Unleashed and alikes.

Additional Information
All music written and produced by Blutfeld, except “Ritual” by Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg.
Lyrics and cover artwork by Daniel T.
Recorded and mixed in Goatman Studios 2016-2018.
Mastered by Karkmastering.


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“Kingdom of Mine has it all through this record, and if you are looking for overall solid and entertaining melodic death metal, you don’t have to look much further than this EP” /Cadaver Garden

“‘KOM’ stands out, as one of the most enjoyably melodic melo-death productions I’ve ever heard” /Jenny Tate, Rock Queen Reviews

“Amazing epic melodic death/doom” /Doom Heart

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