Radio Rivendell Compilation

Full-length (CD/Digital), 16 Tracks
Releasedate: 2007-05-19

1. Markus Holler – Nebelmärchen
2. Erdenstern – Into The Green: The Heroes Return
3. Sean Beeson – Voice Of The Seraphim
4. Wilbert Roget, II – Atonement
5. Gargrim The Liar – The Pavillion
6. Dimitrij Volstoj – Bleeding The Bishop
7. Sibelian – Wish Fulfilling Jewel
8. Tom W. Hall – Freakshow Soundtrack
9. Abnocto – Spritus Arma
10. Balaghan – Secret Place
11. Lost Kingdom – In Heaven
12. Rising Shadows – Dead Cold
13. Tincolindo – Priestess Of Avalon
14. Project Morfeo – Escape From The Dragons Lair
15. Morgan the bard – Galdralag
16. Helen Trevillion – The Mermaid Part I: The Storm

A collaboration with Radio Rivendell with fantasy inspired music. Fans of dark ambient, orchestral, neo folk, video game, fantasy music will enjoy this compilation! Almost all of the tracks are previously unreleased.

You can see the compilation as an instrumental soundtrack to several (not existing) fantasy music films or games. On this disc you will find artists such as Erdenstern, Helen Trevillion, Sean Beeson, Lost Kingdom and Markus Höller among others. Read more about the artists at the Radio Rivendell homepage.


Chain D.L.K.
Music journalist Ivan Rachneck (05-19-2007)

“Two Swedish brothers Mikael and Daniel Tjernberg are Lost Kingdom. They appear with a track called ‘In Heaven’. Hell, I am in heaven listening to it. It is neo-classical with a touch of both romanticism and modernism.

I want to hear more from this duo. I would love for them to Explore in the further regions of experience. Demons to some. Angels to others. Something like that. What I mean is that if I lack something it is a touch of more darkness. Very intriguing and nice track.”
Music journalist Irma S. Mandel (05-30-2007)

“Five tracks stand out as being the ones I think are the best: Markus Holler ‘Neblemaerch’, Lost Kingdom ‘In Heaven’, Abnocto ‘Spiritus Arma’, Sean Beeson ‘Voice of the Seraphim’ and Helen Trevilion ‘The Mermaid Part I: The Storm’.”

Musical Zone Japan
David Purdie (June, 2007)

“Most noteworthy on the compilation is without a doubt the presence of Markus Holler, Abnocto, Lost Kingdom and Helen Trevillion.”

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