V/A Mires of Sorrow

Full-length album (Digital), 8/27 Tracks
Release date: 2016-01-06


1. The Unknown – The Cry Of Mankind
2. Tethra – Drifting Islands (inspired by MDB)
3. Grey Skies Fallen – From Darkest Skies
4. Anguish Sublime – Thy Raven Wings
5. Dominia – Two Winters Only
6. Matt Ford – Black God
7. God Eat God – Elegy (inspired by MDB)
8. Visioned Frailty – Like Gods Of The Sun

1. A Dream Of Poe – For My Fallen Angel
2. A Perfect Day (feat. Stellafera) – The Whore, The Cook And The Mother
3. A Sorrowful Dream – Passion (inspired by MDB)
4. Anlipnes – The Raven And The Rose
5. Anna Pest – Sear Me MCMXCIII
6. Aphonic Threnody – Symphonaire Infernus et Spera Empyrium
7. Black Trillium – The Forever People
8. Cat As Trophy – For You
9. Crystal Darkness – The Forever People
10. De Profvndis Clamati – For You
11. Deiectvs – To Remain Tombless
12. Dominia – My Hope, The Destroyer
13. Helevorn – For You
14. Korseld – En Kyss att Minnas (A Kiss to Remember)
15. Lectoblix – A Sea To Suffer In
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16. Matalobos – I Cannot Be Loved
17. Penuria – My Hope, The Destroyer
18. Psicorragia – Your River
19. Shadow Liege – Holy Water (inspired by MDB)
20. Shallow Rivers – Scorched, Wrecked, Torn, Then Crumbled To The Sea (inspired by MDB)
21. The Father Of Serpents – The Afterlife Symphony (inspired by MDB)
22. The Prophet – Last Mourning Waltz (inspired by MDB)
23. Thurisaz – Fare Thee Well (inspired by MDB)
24. Tradgedies – Tragic Existence (inspired by MDB)
25. Until My Funerals Began – Into The Lake Of Ghosts
26. Until My Funerals Began – The Wreckage Of My Flesh
27. Violation Cold – For You

The Korseld song “En Kyss att Minnas” is a cover of the My Dying Bride song “A Kiss to Remember”, and appearing as a bonus track on the compilation.

Additional Information
Recorded in Goatman Studios 2015. Guest appearance by Camilla, violin; Jens F:sson, bass; Hoffman, drums.



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