Interview with Korseld in Forever Slain Zine (2015)

Korseld are one of the more unique death/doom metal bands that I’ve heard. This two-man band released their debut album last year entitled, “Jordevandring”. Here’s an interview with Daniel Tjernberg and Daniel Reese!


Korseld is very unique sounding for a death/doom metal band. What can you tell me about the formation of Korseld and your debut album “Jordevandring”?

Daniel T: Thank you, and yes, I think we have found our nitche, musically wise…
Reese: I felt that I wanted to create my own music, something that I tried with Dark Legacy without any luck, teamed up with Daniel and started writing music to his lyrics. We stared recording pretty soon, as the first two songs were finished and after that we pretty much began to record when I had a finished song. The songs were, more often than not, fully set during the recording phase, which in most cases was quite a bit of time, with the exception of Bombräd. Bombräd was written in what felt like an hour and also recorded very quickly……

How would you describe the sound of Korseld? You often play faster than most death/doom metal bands.

Reese: Perhaps faster then most doom music and slower then most death metal? That’s nothing I’ve thought about that much. However I write what I think sounds good and fits with Daniels’ lyrics. I think we’ve stated to find our sound during this first album. Doom with a bit more easiness to it and a bit faster for the fun of it. The music relies heavily on the lyrical content and are, more often than not, written after it. However, every song we make have something different to it and that could be because we’re still trying to refine our sound.

Are you familiar with the Swedish melodic death metal band Miscreant? I hear more in common with a band like that rather than early Anathema and such.

Daniel T: Sometimes we have been compared with band like early Katatonia, doom, dark, gothic bands, and times we been compared with bands of the early 90s death scene, in Sweden foremost. I think that we have both the influences.
Reese: Miscreant… No, I’ve never heard them. However, as Daniel said, we’ve been referred to bands as early Katatonia and so on. I myself used to listen to a lot of My Dying Bride and Dissection. But I don’t think we sound much like them to be honest.

So is Korseld a band or more of a project? Who played the bass and drums? Besides you are there any other members?

Reese: It’s only me and Daniel T. Then we have other guys on session basis. So it’s more like a studio project but it would be fun to do some concerts in the future.

Do you ever think Korseld will play live?

Reese: Absolutely. As I said before, it would be fun so it’s possible.
Can you tell us what the lyrical themes behind Korseld are?
Daniel T: Thematically the lyrics deals with war and the evil of mankind, but also the more abstract, existential and philosophical.

What is on your current playlist at the moment?

Reese: I listen to dissection, early Cradle of Filth and Nocturnal Rites at the moment. Korseld – DeathDoom from Sweden
Daniel T: Non mainstream music the most.

What exactly does Korseld mean?

Daniel T: Korseld is Swedish for “Crossfire” and it refers to our lyrical themes.

What lay ahead in the future for Korseld?

Reese: Right now we’re working on a split EP with debuting Spiff Zoogan, that will come out on vinyl 7″ and digital. We’re doing two new songs for this release. After that release we’ll probably fine tune our recording technique and work on our overall sound for our next album.

Thanks for your time and best of luck with the future of Korseld!

Reese: Thank you for having us!


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