Korseld 2021


Back in 2011, in Sweden, Reese (Dark Legacy) felt that he wanted to create a new music project where his own songwriting could flourish. Soon Daniel T (Blutfeld, Dark Legacy) joined and together the two formed a perfect songwriting duo. Korseld was born. The two had soon worked together material for the full-length album Jordevandring, which caught the interest of Dikotomi Production, who released the album shortly afterwards. Two singles followed via American Revenger Records and in 2021 it was time for the EP Dödens Dal, which was self-released digitally. Korseld has its roots in a kind of death/doom mixed compote, with an atmospheric touch, and everything is performed in the mother tongue.

Daniel Tjernberg – Vocals and keyboards
Daniel Reese – Guitars
Add. musicians:
Jens Fredriksson – Bass
Jonas Hoffman – Drums


Dödens Dal (EP, 2021)
Totalt Krig (Single, 2020)
I Splittringens Tid (Split single, 2019)
Jordevandring (Album, 2014)

V/A Mires of Sorrow – A Tribute to My Dying Bride (Compilation, 2016)
V/A Dewar PR (Compilation, 2016)

Zine Death Metal (BR), issue #31, interview (Oct. 2017)
Forever Slain Zine, interview (April 2015) – Original source
Growl Metal Zine, interview (May 2014) – Original source
Pest Webzine, interview (January, 2014) – Original source

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