Shrouded in Darkness


Doom metal from Sweden formed in 2021. Mike had for a while been thinking of forming a fairly pure death doom band and the music for a full-length. In 2021, he recruited Daniel T. on vocals and keyboards and Reese on solo guitar and Shrouded in Darkness was thus formed. Daniel T. soon put words to Mike’s music, and they started working on a debut album with 7 tracks of pure Heavy Darkness! The album was named Abyssum Abyssus Invocat. Shortly afterwards, in August 2021, the band was signed by Kvlt und Kaos Productions.

Mike – Guitar, bass, drums
Daniel T – Vocals and keyboards
Reese – Solo guitars


Be None of You (Album, 2023)
Abyssum Abyssus Invocat (Album, 2021)
Under the Weeping Sky (Single, 2021)
Thrill of Fantasy (Single, 2021)

Transcending the Mundane Magazine, issue 33 (2023)
Deadly Storm Zine (2023)


External links:
Kvlt und Kaos Productions (label)

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