Spring report 2011

Still promoting the release of Meant for Great Things, we are writing material for several new projects. No less than three albums are taking shape:

– A third Lost Kingdom album. Expect an album filled with orchestral music.
– The Codex Dei Soundtrack (working title). Original music for movie project Codex Dei.
– Cosmic Connections – A whole new project in the genre of jazz/fusion (details to be revealed in a near future).

In the meantime, the musical cooperation with Johannes Edvardsson, who wrote the song Omnious Dawn for the latest Lost Kingdom album Meant for Great Things, continues. Edvardsson is currently working on several ideas, which we guarantee will be something very special.

Finally, we are happy to anounce yet another project: we are currently writing music for movie project Militia Christi. A short pilot/teaser starring Swedish actor Björn Starrin (Smala Sussie, Bröllopsfotografen) has already seen the light of day, and a 40 minute dramatized episode has been scheduled to be shot in 2011. Stay tuned for updates.

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