New signing

We’re happy to announce that we’ve signed a deal with US based independent label Venus Aeon for two upcoming EP releases in our Norse mythology suit! The first EP is entitled “Flight of the Raven”, and will be out this year. Stay tuned. External link Venus Aeon

Studio report, winter 2016

Now that we are at the end of the year 2016 and looking forward, a lot is waiting from Goatman Studios! The long pauses of updates here on the website etc means nothing but hard work creating new music. We’re writing material for several new works. No less than three/four albums are taking shape: “Atlantis”;…… Continue reading Studio report, winter 2016

Studio report: Elements

We’re currently drafting ideas for a serie of compilations themed with “Elements”, with the first compilation being “Earth”. For our ideas to those music compilations we’re focusing on Norse myths and the songs we’re doing has the working titles of: Ginnungagap Thundergod 9 Worlds of Hel Vanaheim Flight of the Raven   The Element serie…… Continue reading Studio report: Elements