Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg

  • TBA 2021, Atlantis (fullength album) | Blue Spiral Records
  • TBA 2021, Transit to York (single)
  • TBA, Valhalla Awaits (EP) | Venus Aeon Records
  • TBA, Eulogy (Maxi single)
  • TBA, Early Somber Works (EP) | TBA
  • TBA, Orchestral Works I and II feat. Bratislanva Symphony Orchestra | TBA

Tjernberg Brothers

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  • TBA, With the North Wind in Our Sail (EP) (Blutfeld) | Heathen Tribes Records
  • TBA, I Dödens Dal (EP) (Korseld) | Revenger Records
  • TBA, An Unexpected Interference (EP) (Dark Legacy) | Black Vulture Records