New signing

We’re happy to announce that we’ve signed a deal with US based independent label Venus Aeon for two upcoming EP releases in our Norse mythology suit! The first EP is entitled “Flight of the Raven”, and will be out this year. Stay tuned. External link Venus Aeon

V/A Elements vol 2: Air, out now!

Elements Vol. 2 – Air by Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg “V/A Element vol. 2: Air” is now officially released on Venus Aeon Records! Listen to our latest song “Thundergod” featuring UK artist Tor Marrock on vocals. Also lots of thanks and creds to Jonas Hoffman on drums, Gabriel Tjernberg on guitar and TG and the…… Continue reading V/A Elements vol 2: Air, out now!

V/A Subterranean Passages, out now!

Subterranean Passages Vol. 2 by Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg “Subterranean Passages” is a unique collection of dark ambient in two volumes. Our track “Abysmal”, appearing on the second volym, is also licensed for an upcoming horror film. More info regarding that later. Thanks goes out to our friend Jonathan Grönlund, who plays the harp and…… Continue reading V/A Subterranean Passages, out now!

Studio report: Elements

We’re currently drafting ideas for a serie of compilations themed with “Elements”, with the first compilation being “Earth”. For our ideas to those music compilations we’re focusing on Norse myths and the songs we’re doing has the working titles of: Ginnungagap Thundergod 9 Worlds of Hel Vanaheim Flight of the Raven   The Element serie…… Continue reading Studio report: Elements