TRAKS interview (10/9 2018)

You remastered and re-released a version of your 2011 album “The Chronicle of the Black Monks“. Why and why now?
MT: The remaster is an opportunity for us to get the album in the hands of new listeners.
DT: It was an added bonus that we could get Rob Schubert onboard to go through the material and give it a nice sonic shimmer.

As usual for you, music in the album ranges from sacral to profane renaissance music. What’s the source of inspiration of the album?
D: We wrote and based the music upon the script and screenplay of a Swedish adventure film.
M: We’ve always been intrigued by history, so it turned out to be a good match as we were given the script to this Swedish film. Set in 18th century Sweden, the story is about an ancient book, and the ones trying to get their hands on it.

You added “At Your Peril” as a bonus track on the album. Why did you add the song and why isn’t it on the original album?
M: The song was a hidden gem; we found the tape as we were tidying up the studio vaults. And the reason as why to add it to the re-release is as simple as that, a plain bonus.

What are your next projects?
D: First we are to finish our Norse Suite, with music inspired by norse mythology. We’ve released one EP so far, and the concluding part is in production.
M: Yes, and secondly we have composed and recorded music for an album called “Atlantis”, that will be released via the new Italian record label Blue Spiral Records. We’ve made good progress on that one, and are currently putting the last touches on the project.
D: And in a near future, we are to start up our next big project, too: under the name of Tjernberg Brothers, a collaboration between me and Mikael and our younger brother Gabriel, we’ll move in the direction of jazz-fusion/progressive rock.

Thank you very much
D/M: Thank you.

Original source (in Italian)

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